My goal in this site is to create a archive/ collection of information that I pull together into one location for not only personal use but hopefully public use as well. In idea it will be a go to site with links and pics and data I have collected. It is a information expedition/ journal. A place in which I can go back to and rediscover data that I once forgot like an internet filing cabinet but for all to open and explore. Hence the collection. The project name is in conguence with structures I use in my studio practice; Platform:


1. a horizontal surface or structure with a horizontal surface raised above the level of the surrounding area.
2. a raised flooring or other horizontal surface, such as, in a hall or meeting place, a stage for use by public speakers, performers, etc.
6. a public statement of the principles, objectives, and policy of a political party, esp. as put forth by the representatives of the party in a convention to nominate candidates for an election: The platform contained the usual platitudes.
8. a set of principles; plan.
9. a place for public discussion; forum.
10. a decklike construction on which the drill rig of an offshore oil or gas well is erected.


14. a flat, elevated piece of ground.
15. Geology. a vast area of undisturbed sedimentary rocks that, together with a shield, constitutes a craton.
19. a scheme of religious principles or doctrines.


1540–50; earlier platte forme < MF: lit., flat form, plane figure. See plate 1 , form

This definition is pulled from

And Underfoot is in reference to the foundation in which we all carry with us throughout our life. The everchanging terrain we transverse to become the people we are.